Class Schedule

day 1:    Module Introduction. Copyright discussion. Using stock photos
day 2:    Vector/Raster. Resolution issues. Layers, selections and channels
day 3:    Layer masks. Layer modes, styles and effects
day 4:    The pen tool and clipping paths. Selection vs. Clipping paths
day 5:    Displacement maps and layer modes. Content Aware
day 6:    Photo Correction
day 7:    Work Day. Digital files and PDF due. (October 30)
day 8:    Project 1 due Presentation and critique. (October 31)
day 9:    Composing Images
day 10:  Vanishing Point and perspective warp
day 11:  Automating your work. Midterm Review
day 12:  Midterm. (November 6) Adding reflections
day 13:  Adding Focus and changing mood
day 14:  Marketing issues. Demographic and psychographic
day 15:  Work Day. Digital files and PDF due. (November 9)
day 16:  Presentation and critique. (November 10)
day 17:  Introduction to Web and Mobile Interface design
day 18: Wireframes. Grids and templates. Layer comps
day 19: Web fonts, optimizing images and color
day 20: Backgrounds. Patterns, textures and gradients
day 21:  Transitioning to the real world
day 22:
day 23:  Work Day and Final Review. Digital files and PDF due (November 21)
day 24:
  Presentation and critique (November 22)
day 25:  Final Exam (November 27)


NOTE: Schedule is subject to change