As I mentioned in class, you will have the chance to re-submit your first or second banner as an extra credit assignment. This extra credit assignment will be worth UP TO 30 PTS (or 60 PTS if you submit both). So, how  can you earn all the points?

• The new banner needs to be significantly better than the first one, meaning it will have a more complex animation/concept
• The new banner must follow all the same specs as the original assignment
• The new banner must also fix all the issues noted in the comments
• The new banner will be graded for the files as well as the concept/animation
• The new banner will be turned in on time, no later than May 6, 8am

Remember that just turning in your new banner will not guarantee you 30 pts. Also, your first priority should be the regular assignment.

Good luck!

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This funny “demotivator” from underline a very serious issue. We all like to think that multitasking makes us more efficient and lets us accomplish more, but in reality the opposite is true. Multitasking, especially media multitasking distracts us and interrupt our focus, and therefore diminish our ability to concentrate and retain information.

Many studies proved this point:the human brain is incapable to perform  and pay full attention to more than 1 task at a time. It is pretty much settled: do two or more things at once and you will experience significant performance trade offs. Multitasking can even interfere with automatic actions, like walking: There is an increase in injuries to people walking and texting, for example (no joke).

However, only recently, studies have focused on the lingering effects of multitasking, and found very surprising  results. In one study, Clifford Nass, a cognitive scientist at Stanford University who specializes in interface design, chose some students who considered good multitasker. He put them through many different cognitive tests, while NOT multitasking, and noticed they were bad at choosing between important and irrelevant information, and also were not as good at mental organization and had had more difficulties switching between tasks.

While most of the high multitaskers shrugged off the suggestion that their habit can affect their cognitive abilities, these results should not underestimated.

Read more on the topic
Is Multitasking Bad For Us?
Frequent Multitaskers Are Not Good At Multitasking
Multi-Tasking Adversely Affects Brain’s Learning, UCLA Psychologists Report
Multitasking Makes you Less Efficient


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Clients are your lifeline. You need clients as a freelancer to survive. Some clients, however, are trying to suck the life out of you. In this humorous, but true article, Samar Owais from talks about 11 types of clients to avoid. Did you ever encountered them?

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For loops are an amazing resource in Flash: while they may be intimidating at first, they really speed up coding and allow you to create complex designs with a few lines of code.They are perfect for creating repeating patterns, for example.

These are two examples of what you can create with for loops and symbols in the library. Download the files below.


Repeating Background example

Mask pattern example

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To help you study for the midterm, I put together a quick cheat sheet with some of the most important concept in AS3. It includes a few things we have not done jet, mainly classes, but it is a good start.

I hope it helps. Good luck!

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We will start learning about ActionScript tomorrow, so today I want you to practice  the basic animation tools we have seen so far.

I have attached a swf I would like you to recreate. The quality of the graphics don’t matter as much, but I do want you to include:
• a mask
• shape tweens
• motion tweens
• movieclips

You can open the file in the browser by clicking snowman1. I also copied it in your class folder.

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Chris Georgenes, the author for your book, is an amazing illustrator / animator. Beside writing your book, he has quite a few other resources online that can be useful as you are getting your feet wet in animation.

Main Portfolio (blog. It also includes a forum)
chrisgeorgenes Youtube Channel (not all flash)

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I am expecting some detailed computer roughs for your three banners/ads. You need to turn in at least one storyboard for EACH banner, in pdf format. The storyboard will include two/three frames for the collapsed, animated part and two/ three frames for the expanded part. You may want to show the rich media ad in a mobile device.

I have uploaded a sample pdf to give you a better idea of what I am looking for. Remember, the roughs are due at 8am. Turn them in the Students’ Work folder.

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Rich media ads are not only for browsers anymore. A lot of internet users now expect to be entertained, even as they look at ads. Bringing the rich media ad experience to mobile phones, therefore, is really a great idea. Read this article from about 4 ways mobile rich media can boost brand loyalty.

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There are many online resources for web development out there, but it is also important to bookmark sites that deals with the business side of things. Creatives are not always the best business people, so every little thing helps. This site offers a lot of simple, down- to-earth advice to freelancers.

Some examples of what you can find there:

How To Completely Rock Your First Client meeting
What To Do When A Client Wants You To Steal Others’ Design
How To Be A Top-Notch Salesman…


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