Class Schedule

day 1:    Module Introduction. Writing Proposals. Intro to Flash tools and environment
day 2:    Timeline, symbols and animation
day 3:    Tween Animation and 3d Tools
day 4:    Mask, filters, bitmap and SWF Object
day 5:    Work Day
day 6:    Intro to AS3
day 7:    Events and Listeners
day 8:   Conditional Statements: if and switch
day 9:   Code Iteration: Timer and ENTER_FRAME
day 10:  Banner I Due (April 16) Loader and multi-panel banner
day 11:  URLLoader
day 12:  Midterm (April 18) Array and Loops
day 13:  XML Intro.
day 14:  XML sound player
day 15:  XML video player
day 16:  Intro to Mobile Design
day 17:  Mobile Design: Swipe and Pan Gallery
day 18:  Banner II Due (April 26) Intro to classes.
day 19:  Mobile Design and Classes
day 20: Mobile Design and Classes
day 21:  Selling your Apps
day 22:
day 23: Work Day
day 24:
Banner III Due. Full Project Presentation (May 6)
day 25: Final Exam (May 7)

NOTE: Schedule is subject to change