Exta Credit Assignment

As I mentioned in class, you will have the chance to re-submit your first or second banner as an extra credit assignment. This extra credit assignment will be worth UP TO 30 PTS (or 60 PTS if you submit both). So, how  can you earn all the points?

• The new banner needs to be significantly better than the first one, meaning it will have a more complex animation/concept
• The new banner must follow all the same specs as the original assignment
• The new banner must also fix all the issues noted in the comments
• The new banner will be graded for the files as well as the concept/animation
• The new banner will be turned in on time, no later than May 6, 8am

Remember that just turning in your new banner will not guarantee you 30 pts. Also, your first priority should be the regular assignment.

Good luck!

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