When you are starting out, you need all the help you can get. I gathered some useful resources as you embark in your freelancing career.

I really like this book, Talent Is Not Enough, which can be a great help when starting out

Business Resources
City of San Diego Business tax page
City of San Diego Business tax FAQs
• Fictitious Business Name
AIGA on sales tax for designers
AIGA business related webinars
Northern Califronia Artist Guild- resources page
Sales taxes in California


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We discussed how important it is to have a bulletproof proposal. Every project is, of course, different, but it is necessary to have a template ready. Some jobs may require a longer, more formal proposal, while others only need a simple document in plain English. Below you will find a couple of samples that may help you in this process.
AIGA sample proposal
AIGA terms of Agreement
Simple Proposal/Invoice template
Design an invoice that practically pays itself
5 useful additions to ordinary invoices


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Download one of the following line art pieces, and using it as a template, draw and  color the scene using Flash tools. Feel free to add any element you would like. It does not have to look exactly as the example, but try to get as close as you can. This is due not later than Monday morning at 8am.

summer scene
winter scene

Finished Examples

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Welcome to Flash. It is an exciting time for Flash, as it is shifting to new areas, including mobile and game development.

We will learn a lot of great stuff and we will cover a lot of ground. We will go from basic animation to writing our own classes in ActionScript and creating mobile apps: your 100% commitment is required.

This is your site. I will post any announcements, class notes or interesting resources for you. Make sure to check it often. Your syllabus, project assignments and class schedule are also posted here.

I am looking forward to a fun class.

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It looks like Chrome does not support the ExternalInterface class and its calls to Javascript functions. The Adobe Developer page simply omits Chrome from its list of browsers that support the class.

It seems to be a well documented issue, starting from Flash Player 10, but I have not yet found a perfect solution. This forum post points to a solution, but it does not seem to work reliably. I will look some more, but for now, be aware of this issue. And of course, feel free to try to find a work-around…you will definitely earn extra credit for that!

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