Responsive Web Site
The project consist of creating a responsive website that will provide a great experience across devices and browsers.

Choosing your project:
You have two options for choosing your client:
Option 1: Design and implement a 3-page website to promote an event of your choice.
Option 2: Design and implement a 3-page website to promote mobile app of your choice.
In both cases, your client must be real. The event can be a past event, as long as it is reasonably recent. You will need to provide all necessary logos and information.

• A minimum of three pages
• Semantic and valid HTML and clean CSS
• A landing/home page or “pitch page” to entice people to sign up or download
• A working form
• A gallery of images
• One video, at least
• Media must scale appropriately and be optimized for file size
• Relatively scaled text
• Appropriate Media Queries
• The site must work even when JavaScript is turned off
• Use progressive enhancements so the site is functional in:

  1. Internet Explorer 8+
  2. Firefox 21+
  3. Chrome 27+
  4. Safari 6+
  5. Android Native Browser
  6. iOS Safari
  7. All class devices

See the Calendar page for milestones dates.

  1. Research and Proposal.
    Research: Submit a typed, 1-page minimum document defining the following:
    • target market
    • primary objective of the site
    • assessment of competition, conventions, base expectations of your users
    • user needs assessment defining different needs for mobile phone, tablet, and desktop users
    Proposal: Submit a professional proposal (contract bid…) for the project. Print on your stationery. Spelling/grammar do count
  2. Two unique style tiles  including: adjectives, color scheme, font choices, typographical hierarchy, design patterns, and a logo
  3. Content Inventory & Wireframes for mobile, tablet and desktop breakpoints. All three pages.
  4. In Browser Wireframes or mobile, tablet and desktop breakpoints. All three pages.
  5. Development checkpoint 1: all final content for all three pages in html
  6. Development checkpoint 2: Mobile first css styling for all three pages. LIVE
  7. Completed HTML/CSS/JS site

Grade Breakdown:
20 pts – Research and proposal (10 pts each)
10 pts- Style Tiles
10 pts – Content Inventory and Wireframes
10 pts – In Browser Wireframes
20 pts – Development Checkpoints (10 pts each)
40 pts – HTML/CSS/JS site – Code Implementation
20 pts – Site design – Artistic control
10 pts – Presentation