If you need a good excuse...

… but remember it will NOT help you in this class. This site randomly display a common developer excuse, or as the title states: excuses for the lazy coder. Maybe […]

We have talked about three different kinds of reset files for our css. Jonathan Neal, who, along with Nicolas Gallagher, created Normalize.css, has come up with a new reset, called […]

Test your CSS knowledge

So you think you know CSS? Prove your knowledge to the world or to yourself with these deceptively simple 15 css questions. Good luck, and may the best coder win.

HTML and CSS weirdness

We all have been pulling our hair out during development because sometimes HTML and CSS just don’t make sense.This interesting article is “a curated list of commonly frustrating HTML and CSS […]

Deciding when to use <article> and when to use <section> can be confusing. I have found the HTML5 doctor article to be very helpful. To sum it up, this is what […]

We have talked about how content is king and how responsive design should be an “excuse” for creating great content for ALL devices. This article on alistapart.com makes this point […]

Be A Boring Web Developer!

It is easy to be fascinated by the newest and coolest technology out there (parallax scrolling anyone?), but it way more important to ask yourself: “will it add something to […]

Device Agnostic Design

We talked a lot about design that is future-friendly and device-agnostic. This is a great article from Trent Welton giving you more reason why you should design this way. Don’t […]

Google’s “Mobile Friendly” Algorithm

Starting April 21, 2015, Goggle started implementing a new algorithm in ranking pages. It includes mobile-friendly usability factors. Google recommends responsive design, and not separate mobile sites. It also values […]