Take a Break and Smile

You are working very hard on your project, and it is easy to get frustrated and stressed out. If you need a little break, this is a site that will put a […]

Presentation Guideline

Presentation skills are essential in the creative field. You will have to sell your ideas to your teammates, boss and clients, over and over again. The more persuasive you are, […]

Job Security

Google is recognizing the importance of RWD by adding it to its ranking system. This will probably translate in a large demand for web developers that are well versed in […]

We have seen how important it is to prioritize good performance, and we looked at many things you can do to improve the speed of your site. This interesting article […]

We have been using pixels for defining most of our media queries because it is simple and it is easy to visualize within the browser. But, is it the best way? […]

PLEASE NOTE that the midterm exam that was supposed to happen tomorrow, has been postponed. Tomorrow we will work together to finish the in-browser wireframe.

Labels and placeholder can greatly improve usability of your forms. What if you do not have much space? Using placeholder only, may deny access if the attribute is not supported. […]

I would like to check in with you to see how you are doing, and if there is anything that can be added or changed to help you build your […]

10 rules for better forms

We barely scratched the surface of poor usability when it comes to forms. I invite you to keep your own little “black book” of usability pitfalls, but in the meantime […]