Class Schedule

day 1:    Module Intro. Introduction to Responsive Design
day 2:    Mobile First Responsive Design
day 3:    Workflow for Mobile Devices. Technical Issues
day 4:    HTML5/CSS3 Review. Animation and transitions
day 5:    Intro to Programming
day 6:    Flexible Text and Grids
day 7:    Flexible Images and Media I
day 8:    Flexible Images and Media II
day 9:    Media Queries in Depth
day 10:  Navigation Options I
day 11:  Navigation Options II
day 12:  HTML5 Forms and Validation
day 13:  Midterm Review
day 14:  Midterm (October 4) New Layout Options
day 15:  Flexbox
day 16:  Optimizing
day 17:  Work Day
day 18:  Converting Fixed Sites
day 19:  Converting Fixed Sites
day 20:  TBA
day 21:  Work Day
day 22:  Work Day
day 23:  Work Day and Final Review
day 24:  Final Exam (October 18)
day 25:  Presentation and critique (October 19)

NOTE: Schedule is subject to change