Megan Fisher's Talk

We talked about creating a brand new workflow for our responsive web design projects. In this interesting video from Beyond Tellerand conference  in May, Meagan Fisher talks about the new […]

Today we have learned to use the Toggle navigation pattern. We also discussed why it may create usability/UX issue. Facebook and many others are using the “priority +” approach: always […]

Hiding Navigation: Testing Results

On mobile phones, real estate is limited, and therefore the navigation needs to be completely reworked. The common solution is to hide it behind a hamburger button or something similar. […]

You all know that I am not a big fan of the hamburger icon: there is too much inconsistency in its application, and its understanding is not universal. It also […]

There is so much to know about CSS3! Lea Verou shares 10+10 “secrets”, you may not be aware of. Watch her talks and download her slides: • 10 things you […]

Media Queries Tips

Media Queries are the superstars of responsive Design. Do you know, however, how to use them effectively? Brad Frost’s article will give you some excellent tips to do just that.

Understanding  <picture>

We talked about the future of responsive images, and how the <picture> element may be able to come to the rescue. If you want to hear more about it, from […]

If you need a good excuse...

… but remember it will NOT help you in this class. This site randomly display a common developer excuse, or as the title states: excuses for the lazy coder. Maybe […]

Not all Animation is Beneficial

Animation is cool, there is no denying it. It can entertain, surprise and aid user experience. However, animation for animation’s sake will only hinder the user. Will my user really […]

Deciding when to use <article> and when to use <section> can be confusing. I have found the HTML5 doctor article to be very helpful. To sum it up, this is what […]