Cheat sheets list

We talked about the importance of creating a good resources collection. Cheat sheets are an integral part of it. This article has a wonderful collection, more than 120 different ones, […]

Optimizing your pages should be a priority, not an afterthought: design for optimization. Remember that your visitor expects your site to load fast on all devices. How do you know […]

Flexbox articles

Flexbox is really amazing: it allows for easy vertical centering, effortless responsive layouts, and  elements ordering independent from source order. However, as it is now, the implementation is spotty and it […]

Flexbox Froggy Game

Flexbox is really the future of CSS, but it can also have a steep learning curve. Soften the blow a little with this fun game (on the line of css […]

Interesting collection of 12 tips for creating faster and more efficient css. Take a look.

Previewing Type Sizes

Relative font size is an essential part of designing responsive layout. It is, however, not always easy to picture just how big 3.375em really is in that specific font. Enter […]

We have learned about the amazing site, that allows you to create dynamic placeholder images of adorable kittens. They are not the only game in town, however. • Lorem […]

Responsive Photo Galleries

Photo galleries are a very common feature in modern websites, but they may create problems when developing a responsive site. Lucky for us, though, there are many, excellent, galleries out […]

It is important to use copyright free images when creating your freelance project, images that you can legally license for commercial project. Fortunately you do not have always to break […]