App Project

Web Application Design
The goal of this final project is to design a usable web application using thorough planning and user-centered-design strategies. The finished product will be a functional  mockup/prototype for further usability testing and development.

Choosing your project:
You may come up with a unique idea for a web app. You may choose an existing web application that you feel has usability flaws which prevent it from reaching the largest audience possible. (You must re-name/re-brand the app, reworking it enough to avoid copyright issues, and adding some unique features)

• Home page or “pitch page” to entice people to sign up
• Sign-up page/area with error state
• log-in area/page with error state
• user-profile page
• edit/setup user profile
• terms of service and privacy policy
• any pages or states for project-specific features (ex: if you were building a photo sharing app, you would need states for viewing photos, uploading photos, organizing albums…)

Technical Requirements:
• Your forms need not interact with a database.  You may use dummy (hard-coded) data.
• The styling of your website should reflect the finished application. This is not a “rough” in terms of the visuals.
• You may use whatever technology you feel is appropriate to construct your prototype –  it does not matter, so long as it works and you can execute it effectively. A combination of technologies may be used.
• Hand-coding is not required: you can use apps like Invision or Adobe XD (only available for mac) for your clickable prototypes

Plausible Applications:
• Photo sharing app
• Social networking app
• Video sharing app
• Ratings app
• Fitness management app
• Document-publishing app
• Social bookmarking
• Project management
• Task (to-do list) management
• Voicemail transcription
• Personal finance management
• Personal calendar
• event RSVP app
• TV app
• Radio app
• Wishlist app
… or just about anything that has a community of users!

See the Calendar page for milestones

You will turn in a complete binder, at the end of your project, containing all the work completed with your group. This binder will be graded. You must include:

• App summary
URL for your clickable prototype
Link to the Case Study ( see case-study page on this blog)
• Target Audience assessment
• Primary, Secondary and Tertiary features
• Personas (at least 2)
• Use Cases
• Screenflows
• Wireframes and Style tiles
• Final Comps
• Branding positioning
• Style Guide (+link if online)
• Qualifying Questions
• Usability Testing Plan
• Live Test Results (Scenarios and Compiled results)
• Final Summary of the project (what you learned)

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