UX in Real Life

This article by Jasmine Liu explores the topic of User Experience in real life situations and businesses. She talks about being a nutritionist and having clients who struggle to keep up with their diet plans while working a busy schedule. She discovered that a good diet plan was not enough, and that it needed to be beneficial and easy enough to actually follow through for the clients. So she did a lot of research and decided to develop a delivery service that her clients could directly access online and order at their convenience! The orders would be delivered directly to their house and eliminate the issue of time management for her busy clients. Which shows that, Functionality (the diet plan she created) + Usability (the easy delivery service)  = Good User Experience in REAL LIFE.

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Bad UX Design Creates Doubt

When a website or application is designed badly, it creates self-doubt in the User. It can frustrate, confuse, and even make them leave if they aren’t able to easily find what they are looking for. This can make the User feel like it is THEIR fault, like they did something wrong or that they are not able to figure it out. When really it’s the designers fault. Its out job to make the User feel happy and confident that they know how to navigate the site/app and find what they need.

FAB Buttons

I think FAB buttons can be a tremendous help in a UX Design. I remember the first time I recognized the FAB button on Facebook messenger, the small circle at the bottom of screen stood out to me in a curious way. I had never seen a button like that and so I didn’t know what to expect! I quickly saw how powerful it could be. It opening into more options could eliminate the need for a large navigation menu. Im glad that I came across this article, I think it will benefit the app that we’re designing since it has a lot of calls to action!

A Terrible UX Site

For a current contracting job I have to go through a long list of company names, press an ‘Apply’ button and fill out a short form. The website has SO much Javascript running on their page. You’re only able to click 3 or 4 names on the list before the whole site starts slowing down. I haven’t figured out exactly what the problem is. But it’s a WordPress site, and either they have too many plug-ins that are slowing down the load speed, or possibly have too much javascript going on.

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How Important are Forms?

Very Important! Its necessary for your User to move through the form quickly and using the least amount of thought as possible.

Asking questions like “Would you like to deliver the package to your house?” can seem to be helpful, but unless they’re already ‘logged in’ it’s an irrelevant question. Since they need to type in the entire address anyway, whether its going to their own house or their friends house, its not going to change how the package is delivered.

Condensing legal terms and side notes into one paragraph, and placing them at the bottom or to the side of the page, gives the User the freedom to read it or complete the form without distraction.

Computers as Partners with Interaction Design

This article is about the implementation of UX Design in computers interactions with humans (HIC). It is not just based off of a website or app.

Amazon was one of the first to use a transaction based human-computer interaction (HCI), like the one used to identify and recommend interesting books and products for their customers. It became an effective tool.

In a recent years, they evaluated an existing medical case management-system that scored so poorly (44%) in its usability, during one interview the nurse cried as she recalled the frustration with so many tasks. When the system was replaced with an upgraded UX design, its score jumped to almost 100%.

You can imagine how much productivity would increase around the hospital when UX design is implemented. It seems more and more that UX is a part of our daily lives whether we recognize it or not. The flaw we have as humans, such as recalling memory, can be compensated with HCI and a great UX! If we can start importing this into the important pillars of our society I think we will greatly improve.


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The first days of class

UX design can appear to be an obvious task, but it’s not as simple as pressing an ‘Add to Cart’ button. By researching what the users expect, and what they respond to best, we can confidently design the app/website to suit their needs. Maybe they assume it goes to a page with your listed cart items. Or, simply add the item to the cart and continue shopping.
This is where UX Design plays its most important role.

I think this class will be very beneficial for me in my plan to freelance. The foundation of a site seems pretty generic if you start it with WordPress. The bulk of what the Client wants is based off their content and making it look good (which I already find to be the easy part). So, if I can master UX I think it will really pay off.