The Psychology Behind UX

Not only is it important to understand what UX is and how it is important to the entirety of the design process, it is important to know why. Why do we design the way we do, why do people work the way they do, even contradicting things they say previously in favor of another decision. Once that is understood, we can anticipate the correct direction and make our user experience that much more significant.

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The 7 Factors that Influence User Experience

Trying looking throughout the various differing examples of how to be good at UX, or what makes UX important, I found that these were just over-complicating the issue far more that it should have. Then, finally, I found this article that not only simplifies what exactly is important when focusing on UX but it relates that type of mentality to the reader with simplicity that make it extremely easy to understand, even for someone new to UX.

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