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lgutin-thumb_130_130I have found this very interesting article on a simple usability test and its results. Lance Gutin, from the company Viget, explains in detail the usability testing they performed to find the most efficient accordion menu. While interesting in its own right, he perfectly shows how to explain an usability testing, including his conclusion and recommendation. It is a good template for your test results.

4 thoughts on “Interesting Usability Test”

  1. Hmm… this is interesting. I was planning to create a navigation like this for my portfolio yet never gave this a thought. It’s interesting how such small changes could affect the performance so much.

  2. Interesting article for the most part! I never knew they can measure the heatmaps for clicks on icons. Now I can understand why I would sometimes see icons next to words when I am on navs that can collapse.

  3. This article was really interesting. You don’t get to see behind the scenes of Usability Tests of actual companies often when you’re in school and it’s interesting to see what kind of things they test for i.e. heatmaps and such.

  4. I thought this article was really helpful so I was about to share it here in the blog. Almost forgot that it was shared here already and it was how I got to the article.

    Anyways, this usability test was very in-depth. Lance tries not only different icons but different icon locations as well. He included heatmaps of where clicks are made in relation to those icons and locations. These are things I’ve never thought of before. I didn’t know the kind and location of an icon would affect where users would click. Something to keep in mind now.

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