Interesting Usability Test

lgutin-thumb_130_130I have found this very interesting article on a simple usability test and its results. Lance Gutin, from the company Viget, explains in detail the usability testing they performed to find the most efficient accordion menu. While interesting in its own right, he perfectly shows how to explain an usability testing, including his conclusion and recommendation. It is a good template for your test results.

The Dark Side Of UX

sheepsCreating a good user experience means intersecting business goals with a pleasant user experience. Where is the intersecting point though? When do the business needs take over the user’s needs? There is no clear answer, but it is something you need to think about. This is sometimes referred as the Dark Side of UX. Consider the ubiquitous overlays: are the business needs going too far, destroying the user experience? For commercial purposes, both the user and the business should benefit EQUALLY. In this article from, Jennifer Winter mentions a few examples of bad practices. Very illuminating.

The Psychology Behind UX

Not only is it important to understand what UX is and how it is important to the entirety of the design process, it is important to know why. Why do we design the way we do, why do people work the way they do, even contradicting things they say previously in favor of another decision. Once that is understood, we can anticipate the correct direction and make our user experience that much more significant.

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The 7 Factors that Influence User Experience

Trying looking throughout the various differing examples of how to be good at UX, or what makes UX important, I found that these were just over-complicating the issue far more that it should have. Then, finally, I found this article that not only simplifies what exactly is important when focusing on UX but it relates that type of mentality to the reader with simplicity that make it extremely easy to understand, even for someone new to UX.

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Accessibility for Visual Design

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. As designers, we need to remember that the same is true of color and all visual abilities. It’s estimated that 4.5% of the global population experience color blindness (that’s 1 in 12 men and 1 in 200 women), 4% suffer from low vision (1 in 30 people), and 0.6% are blind (1 in 188 people). It’s easy to forget that we’re designing for this group of users since most designers don’t experience such problems.

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Bad Design vs. Good Design

This article goes over some real world cases of where designers try to add cool and clever ideas to their website only to have it fail miserably. These would be the bad examples. (AKA Don’t do this… Please).

After showing you why it doesn’t work, they are nice enough to show you what it looks like when done correctly. For example, the second example shown displays a website where the home page is literally just a grid of images, no text, nothing. Whereas the good example shows a similar grid of images, but they also have a short text description, stats, ranking, and other useful information attached to the card to help the users find exactly what they are searching for fast and effectively.

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