Prototypes are King

We discussed at length why prototyping early and often is vital to a successful app development. If you want to hear it from a different source, check out this article on DesignInstruct, which explains why prototyping is an essential part of the design process.Screen shot 2013-05-16 at 8.08.29 PM

1 thought on “Prototypes are King”

  1. Thinking as a web student, this step seems too much of a hassle for it to be done, mostly because we are used to breeze through the first steps of building a website. Doing the research only because I had to, but not realizing how important small details can help in the following steps in the development of the site. As much of a hassle this can be, is probably the best way to make sure to bring the best user experience we can before even working on wireframes.

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