The Dark Side Of UX

sheepsCreating a good user experience means intersecting business goals with a pleasant user experience. Where is the intersecting point¬†though? When do the business needs take over the user’s needs?¬†There is no clear answer, but it is something you need to think about. This is sometimes referred as the Dark Side of UX. Consider the ubiquitous overlays: are the business needs going too far, destroying the user experience? For commercial purposes, both the user and the business should benefit EQUALLY. In this article from, Jennifer Winter mentions a few examples of bad practices. Very illuminating.

2 thoughts on “The Dark Side Of UX”

  1. At least at the agency I work at I think that the business’s needs always seem to trump UX. I don’t agree with this one bit but I don’t think they have found a middle ground where they are comfortable saying no to the client in favor of UX. I hope we start going in that direction though.

  2. I experienced this recently, with the new Premium Pandora app. But in this case you get 60 free days of the service. And then after that period, you will pay $10 a month. Also in this case, thankfully I plan on using the paid service. Great App!!

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